“Servus Ishq” – #Bollywood from Austria

Director Sandeep Kumar created within 75 production days a new genre of Austro-Bollywood with this movie set in the mountains of Tyrol and the streets of Vienna and narrated in Bollywood style.

The story is – what else – the love story of Maya, who travels from India to Austria, where she meets Jay. The execution is reminiscent of the classic Bollywood style of the nineties.

By the way, “Servus” means ‘Hi!’, ‘Hello!’ or ‘Cheerio!’.

Official film website: servus-ishq.com

If you want to see how Western people try (!!!) to dance in Bollywood style take a look to that promotion in an Viennese mall. Weird? It doesn’t matter. It made them fun.

But I don’t understand why they organized the promotion without an audience. Obviously, the viewers were colleagues and friends.

Screening in Delhi: Tuesday, 17 February 2015 (Link) The movie will be shown in German with English subtitles.

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