The Indian Storyteller in Vienna

Indu Harikumar, a Delhi-based children’s writer, illustrator and craft teacher (Link) won a 12-week residency in my hometown Vienna (Link). Congratulations!

Indu Harikumar had participated in the AiR’15 campaign (Authors In Residence) by Virtual Identity Agency (Link), which was looking for international authors with different backgrounds (i.e. journalism, film or design). With AiR’15 the agency aims to encourage a lively exchange between authors with different cultural and regional backgrounds in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Digital Storytellers from 15 countries – from comic artists to interactive designers to New York Times journalists – had sent their drafts and wanted to move into the Story Camp in Vienna. Indu Harikumar convinced the jury with her experimental way of telling stories – because she likes to use everyday objects to create these stories, with her family story that is told in a comic digital form the woman was able to impress the jury.

So, from March to May 2015 Indu Harikumar is going to be a member of the digital storyteller quartet from Russia, India, Japan and Australia. The four experts will develop stories they always wanted to tell while they share an apartment in Vienna.

And because I know how important it is in India: During the residency they will enjoy the full infrastructure of the agency plus 900 euros per month and a travel budget of 800 euros, so 3,500 euros in total for each author. Not bad, is it!?

Get inspired:

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