Indian men

It is easy to judge a country because of its extremes where more people live than all of Europe. Watch this video to see how people react to the screams of a woman being raped inside a blacked-out car. What happens afterwards will disappoint and shock you, maybe. But before you start to judge men in India (it’s the easy way, like a signature here *)  think about that the first couple of pedestrians could also be Austrians, Germans or people from other countries. Don’t worry, something in this video will gladden you as well.

Coming to another Braveheart. Do you know Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham? He created a simple set of machines that could make low-cost sanitary napkins from the same raw materials that are used in the expensive ones in a country where sanitary napkins are transported in secrecy, like drugs. And instead of selling his idea to the highest bidder, he supplies his low-cost machines to rural communities. There is a documentary film on this unlikely hero:  The Menstrual Man

Today, Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham has 630 installations in 23 states in six other countries. In a TED talk, he said, “… So I classify the people into three: uneducated, little educated, surplus educated. Little educated (referring to himself), done this. Surplus educated, what are you going to do for the society? …

*) Yes, I signed the Womanifesto. But I don’t like words like rape epidemic.

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