India lures with fascinating chances

Humayun’s Tomb

Delhi, November 2013

India is versatile. India is thriving. India is growing.

Three of many reasons to work in this country as Executive Creative Director for Serviceplan India. Cooperation with the international team is an exciting challenge for me. And to work for clients such as BMW and MINI belongs to the supreme discipline in advertising.

But in the first three weeks, I’ve learned something: You’re working here with people who have a completely different mentality. Some expats believe it is difficult for Europeans to cooperate with Indians. Maybe they are wrong: My team here is fantastic. Helpful. Open minded. Curious. Humorous. And each of them is an expert in advertising. I know that global campaigns have to be adequately adapted to fit the requirements of the Indian market. Our creative team consist of local and international market communication specialists that translate global strategies into national campaigns. And I look forward to working with these people and learn from them. Especially from the Indian colleagues.

Recently an Austrian student asked me for an internship in our agency. And I told him all his senses are required. It’s not just about art + copy. Or as I believe that advertising should consist of art + copy + code  these days. In fact, there are smells, sounds and movement in this country which make you humble. Like me in the last three weeks.


India is a country with an enormous diversity of cultures, people, religions and languages. >1.2 billion people, 21 official languages ​​and 28 states are incredible numbers for an advertiser. At the same time, it is inspiring to work here. India is modern and traditional all at once. With regard to diverse ethnicities and groups, India is a real cultural melting point. Although international science and technologies are becoming vital, Indian people still live on traditional values. A nation of contradictions, Indians are conservative, yet modern.

So if you want to work in India, you have to be respectful. Open minded. Curious. Humorous. Then you will get one of the best experiences in your life.

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