Perspective for your online ads – Attention was yesterday.

The short film (17 min) NOAH by Patrick Cederberg (writer and director) illustrates the flitting attention span and lack of true connection in digital culture. Watch the perspective for your online ads.

The website FastCompany describes the way we communicate now with constantly, simultaneously, compulsively, endlessly, and more and more often, solitarily. The cultural divide between generations becomes in communication on digital platforms to a problem of media literacy. But the rules will no longer defined from the elders. And this is particularly true for advertising.

The article (german) about the film:

Ressource of the video:

24/09/2013 – Update relevant to the topic:


They call them MILLENIALS.

Recommendable article about a generation without ” … empathy, which would allow them to develop compassion for other people … and they have problems to understand the arguments of others intellectually … ” But this elite determines the communication of the near future. So it seems. Maybe not even in Europe. But soon. Nevertheless dont’t forget: There is a life outside of the digital space.

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